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ABOUT THE PRICE: Crash, Boom, Bang! is launching as part of the Locally Sourced Summer Bundle. Buy my game there at a much more affordable price and you'll get a bunch of other Michigan-made games too. I'll lower my game price after the bundle concludes. 😉

Crash, Boom, Bang! is a collection of print-and-play-by-mail games for you and one other person. I made all of these games about "coming together" as a way to reconnect with long-distance friends amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. You can also play them just fine in person.

I hope you enjoy playing my games, and if it helps save the USPS that would be pretty nice, too.

Across the Belt

A solar flare has knocked out the guidance system of your mining drones in the middle of an asteroid belt! Can you navigate enough of your fleet across the belt and outmaneuver your competition?

Across the Belt involves cutting, drawing, pasting, and only a little bit of math, so it’s great for kids or anyone else who misses their long-distance friends.

All Cooped Up

When a new hen moves in, suddenly your cozy coop starts feeling cramped. Talking about your need for some personal space has gotten nowhere because, well, you can only cluck. So now it’s time to draw a line in the sand but since you don’t have hands, you’ll have to make do with laying eggs.

In All Cooped Up, you are a hen laying eggs to split the coop and claim as much space as possible.

Hex 'n Gone

You can no longer recall why, but you and your syster have been rivals for years, neither of you quite able to land a hex on the other. But maybe with some crafty new spells, magick vision, and a dreadfully dark new robe,  you can end the feud and be the goodest syster.

Hex ‘n Gone is a hidden info cast-and-hide game of wicked deduction and clever incantations.


Get this game and 6 more for $7.00 USD
View bundle
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